The Power of a Personal Brand |

The Power of a Personal Brand

The Power of a Personal Brand

“I teach leaders and entrepreneurs how to own their vibe, market their brand and impact the world.” Nicole Nieves

Nicole Nieves is a POWERHOUSE you guys! I mean that with every fiber of my being. I met Nicole when she and I were in a group coaching program together with Jenna Kutcher.  

I enlisted Nicole to work on a project for Blush and was immediately intrigued by her genuine desire to see the project succeed and her uncanny abilty to get inside my head and extract my thoughts into perfectly polished taglines and website copy. I remember I kept saying to her…how did you get THAT from what I said???

In March 2020, Nicole’s branding business was only 4 months old and was in the very beginning stages of growth. But when the pandemic hit, Nicole took this as her time to double down on her messaging, marketing, social presence and networking and in the last 4 months she has been turning out 5 figure sales consistently.  

In this episode Nicole talks about the importance of personal brand and while most of us would think that you only need a personal brand if you are in the influencer/coaching/educator/speaking arena, Nicole explains that EVERYONE needs to have a clear personal brand…even employees! Becuase customers like to do business with people they know and your story is your connection point.  

Nicole drops more than a dozen golden nuggets in this epside (literally I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up so thankfully I could re-listen to the recording) but one of my very favorites is that if people wanted to buy from a brand they would buy from a big brand. They buy from small business becuase they relate to your story. They relate to who you are and what your message is.  

Friends, please don’t miss this episode. If you’re multi-tasking during this one, you’ll need to hit pause a LOT becuase there are just so many take aways!  

Nicole also has a special treat for all of my listeners! Her top tips for How to Build a Killer Brand and how to incorporate it into your business.   Don’t miss out on these!! Download them here.

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