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Time Block Your Wedding Business

Time Block Your Wedding Business

If you’re in the wedding industry, you know that it is a different beast!!! We work late nights to meet couples after they work. We work weekends as our events fall mostly on Saturdays. And we rarely (and I mean RARELY) work less than 6 days/week!

While I whole heartedly believe in time blocking, I do think there are a few things to consider when time blocking in the wedding industry vs. other industries. Here are 3 super simple tips for managing your schedule (and your stress) in the wedding industry!

  1. Do not ever ever take appointments on Mondays!
    You’ve worked all weekend, you’re SO exhausted and while you likely won’t take Mondays off (hello life of an entrepreneur!), this is a great day to “triage” the rest of your week. Stay in your jammies, grab your computer and just catch up on emails from the weekend, time block the rest of your week and let your body rejuvenate!
  2. Don’t take appointments on Fridays.
    I’m not as strict with this one as I am about Mondays (I protect Monday like it’s my 4th child!!) but I have Fridays blocked off in my online scheduler (I use Acuity online scheduler…you MUST check it out!). This way, no one can grab a Friday appointment but if I have a client that really really can only meet on a Friday, I can decide if I am able to take it based on the upcoming weekend’s events!
  3. Try to pair like events together.
    As often as possible, try to schedule meetings outside of the office (vendor appointments, walk throughs, networking) on the same day. Likewise, try to schedule in office meetings (final details meetings, vendor confirmations, etc…) on the same day. This will help you to eliminate trying to switch your brain back and forth and will give you more heads down work time on the in office days.
  4. Be ok saying “I’m not available”.
    If you have time blocked on your calendar to work on a timeline, consider that just like any other meeting. There’s always exceptions to this rule but YOU ultimately manage your schedule and if you let your clients take over, you will hit burn out quickly! Protect the time you need to do your busy work!
  5. Schedule time after each meeting to do the to-dos from that meeting.
    This will help you so much to not get back logged in to-dos and follow up! And your brain will be fresh on what’s needed to be done!

I hope a few of these tips help you to time block your wedding business! And hey, I’d love to take you even deeper into my strategy for exactly how I manage my weekly schedule! I created a step by step video workshop sharing my personal calendar to show you that it can be done and it will 10x your productivity!! Grab it here!


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