Increase Your Visibility with Styled Shoots |

Increase Your Visibility with Styled Shoots

Increase Your Visibility with Styled Shoots

I used to think of Styled Shoots as a total waste of time.  Gasp!  

I know, I know.  It’s like a mortal sin in the world of creatives to not like styled shoots but I always used to say “I don’t want to play pretend.  I actually want to create real designs for real paying clients.”

But the piece I was missing is that styled shoots aren’t just an excuse to flex your creative muscles.  

They’re also a GREAT way to work with vendors you may not get to work with on an actual wedding.  To showcase and learn more about their products (calligraphy, stationery, rentals, cakes, etc..).

Or to showcase a design that you’d like to see come to life for a real wedding.  

Or to partner with a venue that you may not have gotten to work in yet.

And to get work published that showcases who you are and what your brand represents.  

In this episode of the She Who Dares podcast, Heather Benge tells us why she created Styled Shoots Across America and how you can use styled shoots in your business to increase your visibility and position yourself as an expert and a designer in your field.  

Here are a few nuggets to keep your ears perked for:

05:54 What is a Styled Shoot?
08:28 Best ideas come to us in interesting ways
25:52 The Creation of Styled Shoots Across America
34:26 Level up with Styled Shoots
40:54 Wait to be published or post online?

What are you waiting for??  Pop in those AirPods and get your style on with this week’s show!

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