She Said Yes to Being Her own Boss! |

She Said Yes to Being Her own Boss!

She Said Yes!

You guys!  I am so thrilled to have Georgia DeFrancisco on the She Who Dares podcast today!  

While Georgia is no stranger to the wedding industry, she is just starting her journey into being her own BOSS.  After over 10 years of building some of the most well known names in our local industry, Georgia and her hubby Jeremy, recently created THE go to resource for wedding industry pros, I Said Yes, FL!

This episode is inspiring as Georgia takes us on an adventure behind the scenes of her path into entrepreneurship, building a new brand during a global pandemic, and what it’s like balancing a happy marriage while building a business with your spouse!

Here are a few nuggets to listen for:

05:15 Over $500,000 in cake
10:49 Build relationships!
12:49 From cake to publications
17:45 Publication employee to OWNER
19:28 Husband and Wife teams
26:21 “I Said, Yes!”
29:51 Franchise vs. Licensee
40:18 Meeting clients where they are
53:20 “I Said, Yes!” coming attractions
58:01 Find “I Said, Yes!” Here

Are you ready for this one??  Let’s go!

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