Finding a Voice to Inspire |

Finding a Voice to Inspire

Finding a Voice to Inspire

Based in Northern California, Taylor Petrinovich is a wedding cinematographer, educator, and host of the Level Up Your Wedding Film Business Podcast.

Taylor’s films are inspired by fine-art photography, and she revels in crafting refined and emotive films that endure the test of time.

When she’s not filming weddings or working to elevate and inspire the wedding film community, you can find her snuggled up on the couch with her two daughters and husband.

Listen for these nuggets during the show:

04:03 video career started on YouTube
06:14 rebranded her company
08:33 videographer or filmaker
10:01 niche down
14:32 focus versus intensity
17:09 coaching and podcast for filmakers
21:37 help for those just starting
24:26 3 day challenge
25:59 find Taylor online at…

Join Taylor’s 3-day “Unlock Your Potential” Challenge for Wedding Filmmakers at

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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