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From Overwhelmed to Organized

From Overwhelmed to Organized

Kari Roberts is a serial entrepreneur – full-time physical therapist by day, makeup artist, and Side Hustle Coach by night – helping creatives build their own profitable side hustles.

How does she do it all?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of systems and time management to create the side hustle of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a free system to help manage literally all the things – Kari is offering our listeners a Sample Weekly Time Blocking Schedule so you can crush every week:

Also, make sure to join the Overwhelmed to Organized Virtual Summit from January 26-January 29th! Click here for more information.

Kari, me, and 18 other speakers will help you get a grip on your time management and organizational skills so that hustle can start making you more revenue. See you there!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

02:49 Kari Roberts is…
04:04 physical therapist to make-up lessons
07:43 coaching while working on your business
09:57 what does a successful side-hustle look like?
11:39 Kari’s coaching format
13:39 time efficiency strategies
15:09 timeblocking
17:41 Overwhelmed to Organized, The Summit
25:23 pick up Kari’s freebie!
26:36 find Kari Roberts online!!!

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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