She Gave the Best Hugs!! |

She Gave the Best Hugs!!

Rebekkah Joy Rosado

Today’s planned episode of the She Who Dares podcast will not air as scheduled.  Instead, I would like to invite you to listen to Episode #13.

Yesterday I learned of the passing of my good friend, Rebekkah Rosado after a long battle with cancer and GvHD.

If you didn’t know Rebekkah, she was such a bright light that radiated joy wherever she went!!  

She was a wedding planner, a floral fairy and a vintage styling goddess!  

She was a fierce boss lady who knew how to command a room and make you feel like you were the only one in it all in the same moment.  

She inspired everyone around her to feel empowered, bold, excited and eager. 

I shared with Rebekkah many times how much in awe of her I was as I watched her come into the Orlando wedding market like a fireball and make her presence forever known with her huge smile and even bigger hugs.  

I was honored to have had a chance to spend an afternoon with Rebekkah in December of 2019 to chat about her business, her battle with cancer and how the preparation for her fight against this disease made Runway Events even stronger.  

So while I am not sure the best way to pay an adequate tribute to this beautiful soul, I am 100% positive that listening to this episode with my friend Rebekkah Joy Rosado will inspire you to live your biggest dreams out loud.  


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