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Raising Strong Daughters to Know They Have a Seat at the Table with Lavonda Murphy

Lavonda H. MURPHY is a self-love coach, wife, mother, and Army Active Duty Soldier of 19 plus years. She practices leadership and servitude in everything she does. 

Lavonda advocates self-care by helping women create a positive environment that allows them to understand that their combined energy is an unstoppable force. She has always had an immeasurable passion for helping others to become their “best” selves. A military career steeped in personal courage, selfless service, and career development has assisted Lavonda in helping to lead others in their personal quest of discovering who they truly are.

As a mother of six children, and a wife of a very supporting husband, she believes that self-love should be your dessert. Her passion for mother and daughter relationships stems from being chosen to raise five strong young women and the desire to understand the dynamics of how mothers can impact their daughters by loving herself first. Her vision is to create a village of like-minded women who inspire a deeper connection and understanding of life from both sides.  Through inspiration, the goal is to experience self-love, confidence, self-worth, and all that contributes to the growth of beauty inside and out. As the saying goes- here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.

Facebook: @LavondaMurphy |  @murphyslove5

Instagram: @murphyslove5 | @positiveimagesempower


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    Love all of the PODCASTS. Thank you

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