You Don’t Need a Cape to be Superwoman |

You Don’t Need a Cape to be Superwoman

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me…I hate to shop!  Yes, I said it out loud. I hate it! I’m not good with fashion, I don’t understand how to layer an outfit and the thought of walking into a mall or boutique is grounds for a panic attack.   

As you can imagine, as a mom of 3 girls and the creator of 4 thriving brands, I often have to switch back and forth in the same day between Supa Cool Mom and Rockin’ Boss Woman.  You’ve felt this pain before right? Breakfast with your kiddos at school, meetings all day and then being the loudest mom in the gym at the volleyball game that night! 

I tell you all of this because while I am not known for my fashion sense, and my friends will find it hysterical that I’m sharing a blog on fashion tips, it is necessary for my job (and for all businesswomen) to dress for success. We all work so hard to have an incredible online presence but sometimes we forget that our best impression is made in person.

Today, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite ways to switch quickly between boss and mom and look fashionable at both!

1. My absolute favorite bottoms are Pixie Pants from Old Navy They come in every single color and some even in stylish prints and they are so versatile!  I can throw on a pair with a t-shirt and flip flops for a casual look to spend a day at Disney with the kids or I can wear the same pants with a cute top and heels for an evening networker!

2. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl all the way I always have been and always will be! In my personal life, I wear jeans about 90% of the time…even in the dead heat of Florida Summer.  They just make me feel warm and cozy and a great fitting jean is like gold! But did you know that jeans and a t-shirt can totally be great for work too??  It’s true! Just throw on a blazer, a pair of pointed-toe heels, a fun necklace and statement earrings and you’re ready to represent your brand with confidence and style!  The very best part is that this quick change can all be done in less than 5 minutes and even while in the car between the kid’s soccer game and a new client meeting (at stop lights of course!)!

3. Accessorize!  Great accessories show that you notice the details and you know how to put a cohesive look together (like your super cute outfit!).  Now, this is actually a new one I’ve bought into because chasing 3 little girls around doesn’t seem to allow for long necklaces, multiple layers of clothing and crazy platforms!  However, I have recently become obsessed with earrings! Give me all the earrings! They are simply the easiest way to turn a cute outfit into a show stopper with just slipping those little (or big) pieces through the tiny holes in your ears!  Need to dress up a boring black dress? Add chandelier earrings! Have a super cute pants jumper but it just seems to be missing something?? Grab a multi-colored gemstone earring and now you’ve got a look people will remember! 

I hope that even just 1 of these tips will help you take your boring wardrobe to the next level and help you feel confident in representing your brand in any situation!   

I would love to see what outfits you are sporting this week!  Head over to my Instagram @brandeegaar or FB at @shewhodarescommunity and share your favorite fashion tip or your outfit of the day.  Bonus points if it can transition from mom to boss in less than 2 accessories! I’m excited to see what you’ve got!!


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