Use Pinterest to Grow Your Biz! |

Use Pinterest to Grow Your Biz!

Use Pinterest To Grow Your Biz


Gaby Pinkerton is a wedding-pro-turned Pinterest Strategist (who is also the Pinterest manager of my coaching brand!)

With her extensive background in the wedding industry & her Pinterest know-how, she’s dropping ALL the goods we need to make this platform work for our business.

Blog strategy, story pins, the BIGGEST mistake you’re probably making, we’re talking all these topics and more on today’s episode!

If you don’t have access to story pins on your profile, use this link to request access from Pinterest:

Want to DIY your Pinterest Strategy? Gaby’s launched a new course so you can learn the same strategies she uses for her clients: 

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

03:32 welcome Gabby Pinkerton!!
05:40 business changing festival wedding
07:12 the rebrand
09:41 who is your ideal client?
15:34 wedding planning to Pinterest pro
17:26 the Pinterest effect
19:56 avoiding Pinterest mistakes
26:50 Story Pins
29:42 linking back to your website
32:09 linking to a blog post
37:26 blog for Google not your clients
38:18 blog in your voice
41:32 one call to action
43:31 find Gabby Pinkerton online

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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