Is Your Website Making You Money? |

Is Your Website Making You Money?

Is Your Website Making You Money?

Taylor de la Fuente is a website copywriter for wedding pros. If there’s one thing she enjoys about her job the most, it’s helping you make more sales through your website!

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the main pieces you need to have on your website, the biggest mistakes Taylor sees in the industry, and easy-to-implement tips so you can start making sales in your sleep.

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Listen for These Nuggets During the Show: 

02:41 meet Taylor de la Fuente
05:45 is a website important?
09:17 website ingredients
10:36 images tell the same story
16:36 home sweet homepage
20:38 “contact us”
24:07 top website mistakes
29:58 pricing
35:05 find Taylor de la Fuente online at…

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