Motivation for the Entrepreneur Bogged Down by All the Things |

Motivation for the Entrepreneur Bogged Down by All the Things

Motivation for the Entrepreneur Bogged Down by All the Things

You’re balancing a wedding business and social media strategies and clients and your team and your family ALL THE THINGS!!

With every item crossed off your to-do list, 3 more gets piled on and it’s a never-ending cycle!

You’re already wearing a million hats but still somehow feel like you got nothing done at the end of the day.

Does this sound familiar?

Know that you’re not alone and a LOT of wedding pros struggle with this.

Speaking from experience, I’m a CEO, speaker, wife, and momma to 3 beautiful #gaargoyles. When I say I know how it feels to do all the things I seriously mean it!!

I had to decide if I wanted to find time to do all the things, I had to make time to do all the things. Get ready to have your mind blown friend!!

I want you to feel motivated and empowered to know as an entrepreneur, you can do all the things you say you will without the stress or overwhelm.

Decide What’s Important and What You’ll Put On Your Calendar

Contrary to what I just said, you can’t do all the things — at least not literally and definitely not on your own!!

Step one to doing all the things is to decide what’s important and put it on your calendar.

Here’s the trick: you don’t have to do everything on your calendar. You can either assign it to someone else, outsource it, or plan for another time to do it.

Outlining your calendar is massively important because you’re making a conscious decision to keep some tasks on your plate and let go of others.

Map Out Your Week in Advance

Time Block Recurring Appointments First

Once you’ve decided on the tasks that will live on your plate, you want to figure out what your ideal week will look like.

If you’re new to time blocking, first put into your calendar all recurring appointments in your personal life.

That could be kids’ activities, monthly PTA meetings, a weekly gym routine,  literally anything you can count on every week.

For my family that looks like horseback riding lessons or volleyball practice for my girls.

Then you’ll put in all the recurring appointments for your business. For example, my team has a staff meeting every Tuesday. I run the Morning Show for Wedding Pros Clubhouse Room every day at 10 AM. 

You’ll want to block those recurring appointments so they never catch you off guard and to plan the rest of your schedule around them.

Time Bock Appointments Coming Up

Okay, the next step is to block time for all upcoming appointments in your schedule. On the personal side that could be doctor’s appointments, date night, breakfast with friends, you name it!

Then you’ll want to do the same on the business side as well. 

Even if it’s four or five months in advance, put it in your calendar anyways!!

Wedding Pro-Tip for Booking Clients 

Wedding pros, hear me out!!

Planning business appointments months in advance is crucial because we often book out our couples months in advance, right?

For example, Blush, my wedding planning company has a lot of destination clients who visit Orlando. For couples who aren’t local, we’ll offer two in-person planning appointments.

I’ll ask my clients right away which months work best for in-person planning visits so I can plan my schedule way in advance.

The last thing I want is for them to tell me they’re coming in next weekend and hoping to get together for planning because nope, I don’t work like that.

Even if an appointment is six months away, whether it’s a dental cleaning or you’re meeting with your hairdresser, you want to block that appointment to feel confident about your schedule.

Create a Consistent CEO Day

Finally, you’ll need to decide on your CEO day…

A day where you don’t take any appointments and you only work on CEO things.

A day where you don’t have to do your hair, makeup, and work on the couch in your jammies if you’d like! 

For most wedding pros, I suggest your CEO day be on Monday because we often work Friday, Saturday, sometimes Sunday.

If at all possible, take Sunday as a family and do not work.

I repeat, do not work, do not work, do not work on Sundays if you can help it! You need that time to mentally recover.

But overall, Monday tends to be the best CEO day. Work on needle-moving business tasks and also map out the rest of your week cleanly.

You wouldn’t want to be double-booked or have appointments too close together. You also don’t want to have to go to bed thinking about how to squeeze in a timeline, right?

When you block it in your calendar, you know when to work on certain tasks and when they need to get done!

It’s OK to Focus on Some Tasks for Later [Join the Waitlist for My Course on Timeblocking in the Meantime!!]

Once you block everything into your calendar, you’ll always have a “this is not for me right now task”

Something you know you want to squeeze in but it’s not a high priority for the season you’re in. For you, that might be ignoring the Clubhouse or skipping on networking to regroup and get your life back together!!

I’m all about work-life balance, but you also have to remember not every task you need to work on right now.

As a business owner of 2 event companies and a mom of 3 girls, I’ve spent MANY years feeling like the list of things I need to get done far exceeds the number of hours in my day.

Time blocking has literally changed my life and it is possible for you to run your schedule instead of your schedule running you!

I’ll be dropping a Timeblocking Course designed for the booked and busy wedding pro who wants to finally take hold of their schedule again!!

Have questions? Drop them below! Curious to learn more? I’ll be covering this topic more extensively in my course on time blocking, launching in late Spring of 2021. Learn more and get on the waitlist here.


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