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5 Tips to Network Like a Boss

5 Tips To Network Like A Boss

Everyone tells us that networking will help our wedding business grow, but do you ever head home after a cocktail hour with a stash of bent business cards you have no idea what to do with?

Networking tends to get a bad rap—lots of handshakes and lackluster exchanges, but not much impact beyond that.

That’s why I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes and untold networking tips no one talks about. The steps you should take to actually build mutually beneficial relationships that help you open doors you couldn’t open yourself.

The key? To focus on how to serve others, always. Listen in to discover tips for networking that actually makes a difference in your business.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

01:48  networking is crucial
03:54  network to create relationships
04:09  1. have a goal
06:35  2. wear a conversation piece
09:12  3. relationship building questions
14:58  4. how can you help them?
17:44  5. the follow up

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