Creating the David Tutera Experience |

Creating the David Tutera Experience

Creating the David Tutera Experience


Friends, oh my gosh I have an exciting episode for you today! I had the honor of having David Tutera on the podcast and let me tell you — this man has no shortage of entertaining stories to tell and invaluable lessons to share.

What I love most about David, and why I wanted to have him on the podcast, is because he’s demonstrated so much resilience and courage throughout his career. He’s open about his past challenges because he’s been able to find the humor in them, turn these challenges into lessons, put them into action, and he went on to conquer the wedding and events world.

No matter if you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or you’re a seasoned CEO, I know you’ll learn so much from our conversation about resilience and courage.

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Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

Being open and ready for your next step.
David Tutera’s journey to the event planning world. (Spoiler alert: He kind of hated it at first.)
How David’s clients elevated him and his business.
Dealing with emotional situations, like when “Mrs. D” starts micromanaging.
David’s strategy for keeping a flow of business from clients.
Valuing your time as a service-based entrepreneur.

Links Mentioned:

David Tutera Mentorship
David Tutera Experience
September 2021 DTEuse promo code DTE21IG
David Tutera Website
David Tutera Instagram

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