How to Create Reels That Convert Instagram Followers into Clients |

How to Create Reels That Convert Instagram Followers into Clients

How to Create Reels That Convert Instagram Followers Into Clients

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about Reels or some other wedding business owners talk about Reels, and you can’t help but roll your eyes. I completely get it — how in the world are you expected to add Reels to your already packed schedule and never-ending to-do list? Is the ROI even worth it?

It turns out, making Reels is much simpler and more effective than most people initially think! (As long as you have a game plan going into it.) I’m here today to show you exactly how you can easily create Reels and how to create ones that will turn your Instagram followers into clients.

Now, this won’t be a blog post on how to create viral Reels — going viral isn’t necessarily a great goal to have because you’ll end up with a bunch of followers who aren’t your ideal client, won’t buy anything from you, and will tank your engagement. I don’t aim to create viral videos. Instead, I’m going to teach you how to craft effective Reels that will attract more of your ideal client, raise your engagement, and focus on converting followers into clients. Alright, let’s get into it!

1. Educate, entertain, or evoke emotion

The number one problem my clients say they have that prevents them from making Reels is that they don’t know what to say. And a part of that problem isn’t because they have nothing useful to share — it’s because they don’t know how to focus their content. In fact, I’ve found the real problem is having a ton of great information to share, but not knowing how to organize those thoughts!

If you are in the same boat, feeling like you don’t know what to say, here’s the easiest way to organize those thoughts and never run out of content: every reel you make should educate, entertain, or evoke emotion from the viewer.

Ok, so what exactly does this mean? Let’s break it down.


This type of content focuses on all the tips, tricks, hacks, and advice you want to tell your ideal client — essentially, pieces of information you wish they knew. For example, as a wedding planner, you could talk about what to pack on wedding day, three things couples need to include in their wedding planning budget, or five tips for a great alterations appointment. This is a fantastic way to build value for your brand.

Here’s how to come up with educational content ideas: Keep a note on your phone and during a wedding you’re working, jot down ideas that come to you throughout the day while you’re helping the couple get ready. (Don’t pull the “oh, I’ll remember about this idea tonight.” While the idea is still fresh in your mind, write it down!) This will ensure a steady stream of content ideas because, well… During a wedding, there is no shortage of surprises and moments we have to think outside of the box!


Entertaining content is for getting some laughs out of your audience, and it’s a fantastic way for your followers to get to know you as a human! With entertaining Reels, you can show more of your personality than, say, a post in your feed. So don’t be afraid to get goofy or sassy to show your followers there’s a human behind the brand! Entertaining Reels also works well with trending sounds, so keep your eyes open for what’s trending. (More on that in the Pick your audio section.)

Evoke Emotion

Examples of Reels that evoke emotion are showing behind-the-scenes footage of the couple getting ready, the couple’s first look, the groom’s reaction when he sees his bride walk down the aisle, the father/daughter dance, toasts at the reception dinner, etc. Think heartwarming videos.

If you’re still feeling lost on this part of the process, don’t fret. This is usually the most time-consuming step and one that takes the most brain power. I created something called the Reel Traffic Toolkit that provides you with everything you need to know to create engaging Reels, how to batch them, how to come up with ideas, and included are 150+ prompts to get your creative juices flowing! Click here to access it!

2. Pick audio to match your Reels

After you figure out what kind of video you’re making and what you’re going to say, the next step is to find audio to go with it! There are thousands of sounds to choose from, so I know this part can feel intimidating.

After a lot of trial and error, here is what I believe to be the most effective way to find audio to use in your Reels:

  • Set a timer for an hour. (I mean it! You can easily lose a whole day just “researching.”)
  • Scroll through Reels on your explore page or feed.
  • Save any that made you laugh or watch all the way through.

I usually save Reels with audio that I love and want to use. Here’s how to save a Reel:

  • If you’re on your feed, tap the ribbon under the Reel on the right-hand side.
  • If you’re on the Reel explore page, tap the three dots on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click Save.

And here’s how to access your saved Reels:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap the hamburger menu (the three lines) in the top right-hand corner of the app.
  • Tap “saved.”

Access the sound from your saved Reels by clicking the small text under the person’s username, and voila! You have your sound!

3. Make your Reel!

So you’ve picked out your theme, your script, and your audio — so now it’s time for the fun part: making your Reel! But I don’t want you to make just any Reel. I want you to make Reels that convert followers into clients, so here is how to do that:

  • Use good lighting. Stand near a window or, better yet, use a ring light. Poor lighting will make someone scroll right past because it doesn’t captivate the eye. Not to mention, good lighting also boosts the professional look of your Reels. 
  • Wear clothing that fits with your feed for a cohesive look. If your feed is dark and moody, it’s probably a good idea to pass on that hot pink shirt.
  • Use hashtags. And don’t underestimate the power of local hashtags if you sell a service for a specific area. For example, #OrlandoWeddingPlanner.
  • Figure out your best posting time. Instagram doesn’t have detailed insights available for Reels yet and consequently, we don’t know our ideal posting time. But you can still test out different times of the day when posting Reels to see approximately what posting time will reward you with the most views.
  • Never delete a Reel unless you absolutely can’t stand it. The Instagram algorithm lets Reels “live” for much longer than a post. So a Reel that only gets a few days today could actually pick up thousands of views weeks from now!

Now you’re ready to create Reels that convert your Instagram followers into paying clients

Now you should be ready to create Reels that turn followers into clients! Did you learn anything? I’d love to hear what you found the most insightful in the comments!

And remember, if you’re a super busy wedding pro who is wearing all the hats, in the middle of growing a powerhouse team, and trying to show up on all the platforms but not sure if any of them are moving the needle forward, you have to check out my Reel Traffic Toolkit. And it only takes one hour per month to create Reels effectively to grow your audience with it. I firmly believe in the power of Reels, and I want to make it simple for you to show up consistently. Click here to access it!


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