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Intentional Grounding

Intentional Grounding

I hate to get dirty. And I REALLY can’t stand if my feet are dirty. So even in my own home, I almost always have on socks or shoes and I NEVER walk outside without my feet covered. (Most of my socks have holes in them and I’m constantly replacing them!)

Last week I was listening to a business podcast and when it ended my audio rolled into a different episode about “grounding”. I’d never heard of it and I was intrigued.

It was kind of a 50k foot view of the benefits of grounding but it was enough to intrigue me so I had to know more!

First of all, what is it?? Grounding is a way of releasing anxiety, stress, regulating sleep, and boosting immunity by connecting with the negative energy in the earth.

And the craziest thing is…this can be as simple as kicking off your shoes (or socks!) and letting your bare feet walk through the grass, sand, dirt, pebble or whatever other elements you can find.

The idea is to create a skin to earth connection to release the positive pent up energy from your body into the negatively charged earth. It’s really just science and honestly in this crazy time of a global pandemic, I’m willing to give anything a try to calm my nerves and release anxiety!

If you’re like me and the idea of being barefoot in a field (or literally anywhere) freaks you out there are a few other ways you can release your positive charge.

  • Swim or sit by the pool or ocean with your feet in
  • Take a walk outside
  • Breathe deeply
  • Hold a piece of ice
  • Do jumping jacks or stretch
  • Slowly inhale a favorite fragrance (tea, spice, etc…)

The world is so crazy right now and tensions are higher than they’ve ever been in our lifetime. Your mental health is incredibly important and needs to play a large role in your daily activity. As much as we care about our businesses, our kids and our spouses, we need to take time to ensure we are protecting our brain space.

So what are you waiting for?? Go Get Grounded!!


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