Three Non-Negotiables Your Website Should Have as a Wedding Pro |

Three Non-Negotiables Your Website Should Have as a Wedding Pro

Three Non-Negotiables Your Website Should Have as a Wedding Pro

Let me know if this is you. Did you grab a beautiful Wix or Squarespace template just to throw it up on your website and call it a day?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and many wedding pros do this. Let me share what’s contrary to the belief which is you don’t need a fancy website to be a successful wedding professional. Trust me, I’ve seen stunning websites where I could not figure out how to book a consultation for my life!

But just because a website is beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. If you don’t have a sales manager, your website should act as an extension of your sales team. Couples should visit and immediately know whether they want to continue the conversation with you.

I might not be a website expert, but when I do coaching, at the bare minimum I need to understand who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about. If I get lost, as someone who understands the wedding industry, that’s not good. We should take a step back and make some adjustments.

So if you want to uplevel your sales team (aka your website), here are some tips you can do to update your website to get more couples in the door:

Knowing Your Client (And their Thoughts on Price)

There are some vendors who only compete on price, and that’s okay. No shade at all. Because their clients want that. And if that’s the client you want, then your website should depict it. Aka, having your low price is one of the first things they see. But if you’re a vendor, who does everything custom, you don’t want to stick that first price right up there! A client will then price shop you and won’t understand the value you provide.

How do you know whether to show the price right away? When you know the couple you want to serve and your brand as a whole. Then you can think about the journey you want to take a dream client based on whom you want to attract.

Easy Access to Contact Information 

Ok, let’s get this straight. You need to make contacting you as easily as possible. That means having your phone number and email address front and center. As a wedding, I get very frustrated when a vendor doesn’t have their email address on their website. They insist that you have to fill out the contact form. It’s infuriating as a wedding planner because I’m typically trying to reach you for something that has to do with a client.  I don’t need to fill out your contact form! But aside from that, there are also clients who don’t want to fill out a contact form, they just want to email you. Or want to call you. When you have your email address or office phone number easily accessible, it’s easier for a lead to want to have a conversation with you.

Don’t Let Them Click Off — No Distractions!

On a coaching call with a wedding planner, we discussed whether we should link to our other vendors or our listing on the Knot or the WeddingWire. On first instinct, you would think “I want to show off my other vendors, right?” No — right now you want them to book you. You want to keep them on your site. You don’t want to push them away to anybody else.

Think about it. Squirrel brain, we all have it. And once we see a link to a photographer we immediately think “Oh, I do need a photographer!” And then *click* we’re gone. And that’s also why you shouldn’t link back to the Wedding Wire or the Knot. Once you bring them to either of those platforms, if they got there from your website, they could get sucked in and search for other competitors.

Uplevel Your Sales Team (Aka Your Website!)

I hope these were super actionable tips to get more couples from your home page to your wedding roster! Don’t think you need to pay thousands for a website to bring you more leads, friend. As long as you make it simple, and a couple knows exactly how you can help them, your website will become a lead generating machine!


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